Book Review: Frank Huyler, White Hot Light: Twenty-Five Years in Emergency Medicine

Frank Huyler is an emergency physician, father, author, and poet who has spent the last quarter century working in the ER of a large teaching hospital in Albuquerque, NM. White Hot Light consists of 30 vignettes; most involve patient encounters, but not all. He also writes about his wife’s labor pain, his father’s heart disease, a prospective medical student he interviewed, and several people he encountered while attending high school in Japan. Continue reading

Book Review: Matthew McCarthy, Superbugs: The Race to Stop an Epidemic

I am a seasoned physician, thirty years into my career. During COVID, with time on my hands, I re-read Samuel Shem’s (aka Stephen Bergman) seminal book about medical internship, The House of God, published in 1978, a book I’d first read during my own internship in the late 1980s. For balance, I simultaneously read Matt McCarthy’s internship memoir, The Real Doctor Will See You Shortly, written in the aftermath of his internship in 2008-09. Continue reading