I’m optimistic about … coffee

I first started drinking coffee in graduate school. Long before Starbucks, there was a small coffee bar on the UCLA campus, a wood-paneled enclave for hipsters with the requisite chalkboard displaying the day’s brews, a steady stream of foo-foo music wafting in the background mixing nicely with the deep intoxicating aroma of freshly brewed coffee. Continue reading

Posterior vitreous detachment

So I was at a wedding over the weekend when I kept noticing brief flashes of light from the corner of my left eye, like a shooting star that I couldn’t quite focus on. At first I thought this was just the overhead lights flashing as the band was playing, but then a ball of “fuzz” started blurring my vision–an annoying floater that failed to go away when I blinked. Continue reading

I’m skeptical about … opioids.

“Patient advocates in the legal profession have coined the term ‘opiophobia’ which describes the unscientific and irrational fear that many people, including health-care providers, have of the dangers and evils of narcotics, even when prescribed to relieve pain”

                                                                                        Annals of Emergency Medicine, 2004. Continue reading