Robert Clare, MD, is an emergency physician who works as an independent contractor providing emergency services to several ERs in southeastern Virginia and North Carolina. He writes and blogs about topics relevant to emergency care. His medical philosophy is that lifestyle intervention almost always trumps medication for routine emergencies like back pain, headache, hypertension, and diabetes. He is concerned that today’s emphasis on technology has resulted in over-testing, over-diagnosing, and over-treating “diseases” that pose little or no threat to health.   Read More….


E.R. Confidential

ER Confidential: A Doctor’s Memoir Of Life Spent In The Emergency Room, is currently in submission. It is the story of more than twenty years of medical practice in the nation’s ERs—places where what cannot be seen must be felt, what cannot be felt must be heard, and what cannot be heard must be smelled. But this isn’t just the author’s story; it’s also the larger story of emergency medicine—the whole, huge, wonderful mess.  Read More….


Skeptical E.P. BLOG

Here, in Dr. Clare’s blog “Skeptical E.P.”, he questions medical dogma to improve the lives of patients. For physicians, a questioning attitude is an essential component to decision-making. When faced with increasing pressure from administrators and pharmaceutical companies to “Show me the money!” the best counter from the physician is “Show me the evidence!” The purpose of this blog is to raise awareness through an inquiry of the best available medical knowledge, to foster discussion, and to challenge prevailing truths in order to improve the lives of patients everywhere.   Read Dr. Clare’s Blog….