ER Confidential
books A Doctor’s Memoir Of Life Spent In The Emergency Room, is currently in submission. It is the story of more than twenty years of medical practice in the nation’s ERs—places where what cannot be seen must be felt, what cannot be felt must be heard, and what cannot be heard must be smelled. But this isn’t just the author’s story; it’s also the larger story of emergency medicine—the whole, huge, wonderful mess. Readers will discover why the bright shiny sword of technology is two-edged; why CT scans sometimes harm more than they help. You will understand the miasma of fear surrounding the practice of medicine and appreciate the nuances of error.

Along the way you’ll meet Wally, the author’s cousin, who imparts a lesson on the power of presence before dying. And then there’s Stevie, a psychotic patient who believes that he is the one-and-only Stevie Wonder and that “white people” have stolen his voice. He’s in the ER to get it back. And finally meet Jim, an elderly man who comes to the ER after suffering a stroke. What befalls him is a cautionary tale of how things go wrong when corporatized healthcare replaces the art of medicine.

Peppered with lively anecdotes, ER Confidential confronts medicine from the frontline trenches while uncovering a series of inconvenient truths. Why are the nation’s ERs so crowded? (Hint: It’s not because of Medicaid patients, the homeless, or the unemployed.) What common ER test is projected to cause two percent of all future fatal cancers? What heavily promoted drug used to treat stroke patients actually kills one in thirty of those who receive it? Backed by the latest medical research, Dr. Clare challenges the notion that there is a “pill for every ill” and that technology holds the key to unlocking medicine’s mysteries.

Discover what it’s like to squeeze the heart of another human being while struggling to steady your own racing heart. Feel the anguish that comes with a long-distance call to a mother informing her of a son’s devastating suicide attempt. Understand the fears and triumphs at the end of the stethoscope as the author navigates the uncharted waters of a career in emergency medicine. Be sure to bring a lifejacket!

Readers of ER Confidential will:

  • Learn how to avoid being a victim of medical error.
  • Understand why technology rarely holds the key to emergency diagnoses.
  • Appreciate the work of emergency physicians (and be happy that we are on duty 24/7).
  • Become better, smarter consumers of emergency care.

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ER Confidential: A Doctor’s Memoir Of Life Spent In The Emergency Room will be available for purchase in the near future.